Harvesting update

Harvesting olives in South Africa

This is the most exciting time for the olive-loving farmers – harvest time. Between tasting the gorgeous extra virgin olive oil exiting the decanters, and listening to the table olives bubbling away in their protective brines, one can heave a huge sigh of contentment at the fact that you decided to plant olive trees in the first place!

The damper for this season is the unfortunate set of circumstances that prevailed in certain parts of the Helderberg area at a very critical time of blossoming during October 2018. This resulted in a regional crop failure for olive farmers.

It is an accepted fact in the warmer climes of Europe, that if temperatures rise above 32oC for more than 2 days, while the olive blossoms are open, these will be aborted. In October we experienced temperatures of over 40 degrees for at least 2 days – so a dismal harvest.

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