Olive Harvest 2020 – some good news!

Harvesting olives in South Africa

After an amazing workshop tour in Australia (got back just in time!), the local harvest is upon us and for those that are interested /involved, I thought I would share what is happening here on Awakening.

First the green Nocellara had to be harvested, and these together with a few Manzanillas and Nandis, made up about 230 kgs (first harvest from these trees!).

Two drums were filled – and one drum has a valve at the bottom, so it is easier to process green olives with a bit of lye, in this as I am able to circulate the brine.

In the second drum, all I can do is allow the olives to undergo a natural green fermentation – with no intervention. I placed these olives in an acidified 10% brine.

Olive Harvest 2020 - some good news! 1


Now we are harvesting gorgeous Kalamatas

Olive Harvest 2020 - some good news! 2

– and they are placed directly into Inn-O-Vats, which hold 1 tonne of fruit. The olives are poured into cushioning water, which not only rinses the olives, but also allows the Inn-O-Vat to be filled completely (loading olives into 8 – 10% brine does not work!). The water is drained off and brine is added – 8% for the first week. The brine is circulated every week and salt added to bring the brine up to 10%.

Olive Harvest 2020 - some good news! 3

As the olives absorb the salt, a bit more salt is added – until the brine stabilises at 10%.

Olive Harvest 2020 - some good news! 4

The olives are bubbling away merrily, safe ‘n sound.

And while this is all going on, outside the processing room, I have my protection keeping an eye…….


Olive Harvest 2020 - some good news! 5

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  1. Glynis on 7th Apr 2020 at 1:04 pm

    Wonderful to see those healthy olives and to hear things are going well and normally on Awakening! Love the security guards!

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