Table Olive Curing Equipment

The Inn-O-Vat XP enables you to process 1000 kg of table olives easily, safely and efficiently.

The unit is user-friendly and portable, so it can be filled where the olives are received, and then stored out of the way while the olives ferment. The mobility of the vessel, for storage and emptying, puts it in a league of its own when it comes to planning and managing a processing facility.

The Inn-O-Vat XP is equipped with two valves, one for emptying the fruit and the other for circulating the brine , and the latter, together with the specific symmetrical shape of the tank, ensure that circulation occurs at maximal efficiency, to keep all the olives in the best environment.

  • Holds 1000kg of olives in ideal olive:brine ratio
  • Grid at base of neck keeps olives completely submerged
  • Semi-transparent so that the contents are visible
  • Rounded shoulders designed to ensure efficient mixing of whole volume
  • Aeration pipe using simple, elegant, airlift system to encourage fermentation and maintain colour of ripe olives
  • 50mm PVC ball valve for circulating or removing brine
  • 100mm PVC ball valve for easy emptying of fruit using gravity flow
  • Loose fitting lid acts as dust cover
  • Stainless steel channels provided for forklift access to ensure easy mobility
  • Material is strong, durable and corrosion resistant
  • Easy to clean which improves factory hygiene

By ensuring the following, efficiency is guaranteed:

  • Optimal fermentation
  • Improved consistency of product
  • Maximised saleable product
  • Minimised wastage
  • Minimising surface yeast growth, therefore eliminating surface spoilage
  • Easy monitoring of fermentation
  • Easy monitoring of pH and salt levels

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