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Our mission is to enable South African table olive and olive oil producers to produce the best quality olive products in the most efficient way, thereby satisfying the local demand for quality olive products.  Our longer term goal is to create a name for our local product abroad, to build international demand and confidence in our local olive products.

Our range of products and services for table olive producers & consumers

Olive Oil Course by Linda Costa

Courses & Training by Linda Costa

Linda has more than a decade of experience growing and processing table olives, and she is available to share this information with you. As a qualified health coach, she advises and presents on the nutritional benefits of olive oil and olives in the everyday diet. She is often asked to judge oils and olives in competitions and conducts courses in extra virgin olive oil and table olive tasting.

Olive Tree Nursery

From our olive tree nursery on Awakening Farm we aim to supply healthy, vibrant and true cultivated olive trees to our clients, together with the necessary support, which will, in turn, provide them with joy, satisfaction and bountiful harvests.

Kalamata Table Olives

The proof of the pudding is in the eating, and the knowledge and experience at OlivesInFact has resulted in an annual harvest of boutique Kalamata table olives grown and processed on Linda's smallholding.

Inn-O-Vat Olive Curing Vat

OlivesInFact has developed processing equipment for table olives that takes the stress and hassle out of preparing your top quality olives. The Inn-O-Vat is a unique, compact design that can process 1 ton of olives per unit.

Table Olive Processing Guides

OlivesInFact founder Linda Costa has written a comprehensive step-by-step guide on everything you need to know about curing table olives - Table Olive Processing Made Easy. She also has some beautiful olive-themed prints for sale.

Healthy Living Tips

Linda and her sister Anita Costa have valuable lifestyle tips and information to share on anything from nutrition to healthy living. They call it 'Feed your love'.