Definition of Table Olives (IOC)
    ‘…the sound fruit of specific varieties of the cultivated olive tree (Olea europaea sativa), harvested at the proper stage of ripeness and whose quality is such that, when they are suitably processed as specified in this standard, produce an edible product and ensure its good preservation as marketable goods. Such processing may include the addition of various products or spices of good table quality’.

We offer advice and assistance on the processing of table olives, of all suitable cultivars, and this includes process and facility design if required.

Our aim is to assist to streamline your production, to maximize the quality of the end-product and to reduce any wastage, be it fruit, energy or time.

The Inn-O-Vat XP enables you to process 1000 kg of table olives easily, safely and efficiently. The Inn-O-Vat XP is so easy to handle - fill it up where it suits you and your factory layout, then move it out of the way for the fermentation period, and bring it back when ready to be emptied. The mobility of the vessel, for storage and emptying, puts it in a league of its own when it comes to mobility and flexibility.

You can sleep peacefully knowing your olives are safe and cared for.