Linda has been involved in olives since birth, albeit unknowingly. She grew up amongst the olive trees on La Valle just outside Paarl, but only many years later did Linda get back into the industry, and has never looked back.

Her background in Chemistry, Physiology, Pharmacology and finally Microbiology serves her well in her present-day pursuits. She is a consultant in many olive-related areas, and she presents workshops and courses on table olive processing and olive oil appreciation.

An Honourary Life Membership of the South African Olive Industry Association was awarded to Linda in 2010. She served on the South African Organoleptic Panel as a founding member and is often asked to judge oils and olives in competitions.


Linda has recently moved onto a small holding ‘Awakening’ outside Stellenbosch. Her dream, in addition to harvesting and processing deicious olives, is to increase awareness of the richness of now, to honour each person she comes into contact with, to expand the knowing that each and everyone of us has a special strength to offer. Collectively, this appreciation of one another will encourage understanding, cooperation and unity.

On a more grounded note, the first olive trees were planted on Awakening in August 2008 and now the two groves consist of 480 trees, visible from all sides of the house. There is something special about being surrounded by these beautiful trees.

The Inn-O-Vat XP enables you to process 1000 kg of table olives easily, safely and efficiently. The Inn-O-Vat XP is so easy to handle - fill it up where it suits you and your factory layout, then move it out of the way for the fermentation period, and bring it back when ready to be emptied. The mobility of the vessel, for storage and emptying, puts it in a league of its own when it comes to mobility and flexibility.

You can sleep peacefully knowing your olives are safe and cared for.